sometimes I’m reminded of just how much I love big bands and the whole big band era and I start getting so emotional about the fact that we can never go back to the type of class, charm and flawless music composition that used to exist.

// Big game today, probably the biggest one of the season before provincials//

Telus Classics Consolation final. 3-person. At UBC’s War Memorial Gym.

This time last year, I was a nervous wreck. This will only be the second time I’m reffing in War Memorial Gym but I’m not all that nervous. Maybe it’s because I know I am fully capable to do the finals and that was what I was aiming for. Guess it’s not my year. I’ve come a long way, I’m finally starting to believe in myself. I’m kind of excited for this actually. Exposure is crucial and I have never felt better about my game.

In any case, not like these games are about me. The teams played hard to be get to the finals today. They say the best game for a referee is one that no one would remember you were there in the first place. So if I do my job right, I’ll let the girls play their best games.


// I need to get the fuck off the internet and study for my midterm.//

How do you even study for computer science when the exam’s all written. I hate not knowing how to study for exams.


You guys, I’m eating the best mini-cupcakes ever. I’m not too big on sweet stuff but these are fucking delicious.

You guys, I’m eating the best mini-cupcakes ever. I’m not too big on sweet stuff but these are fucking delicious.

// I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what I’m feeling. //

Whatever happens, happens.
That’s what I keep telling myself.

Would I actually be strong enough to keep emotionally distant from everything though?
Oh god I hope so.

In the end, when/whatever the end is, just let it be.

But I need answers.


what. what. what. what am i doing

// Y’know what irritates me?//

Girls who claim themselves to be a gamer for the sake of being a “girl who games.” You don’t need to update every time you play a game and follow it with some other activity that’s “girly” and acknowledge it with “lolol you never see this combo before because I’m a herpdy derpy girl gamer.” You don’t play games to show off. You play because you enjoy the games, no? Or maybe that’s just me.

Rant over.


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